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Staying Connected stories

Meet Connor

Connor worked with the Summer Foundation team on the Down to 10 Days Campaign.

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Rachel’s Story

“I couldn’t access a shower, my front door or kitchen for 14 months and 16 days. ”

Rachel speaks about her experience of waiting for SDA and the impact that it had on her life.

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Jamie-Lee’s Story

Jamie-Lee writes about her experience of waiting 12 months for SDA and the impact that had on her life.
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Managing ourselves in a COVID world

The Summer Foundation’s Information Service and Lived Experience Advisor, Emma Gee, chats with one of the organisation’s Lived Experience Facilitators, Shanais Nielsen, about the best ways to plan, navigate, stay positive and up to date in this COVID world. 
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Jono’s journey to SDA

Meet Jono. Jono’s journey to SDA has taught him you have to fight not only for what you require but also for what you deserve. He shares his housing journey in the Summer Foundation Annual Report.
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Moving Forward with COVID

Emma chats to Shanais again about her experience of adjusting to the new world where we are learning to live with COVID in Victoria.
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Meet Ned and his housemates

Earlier this year, Lu and Gina met Ned, his housemates and his family to capture their experience living in an ‘individualised living option’ (ILO) homeshare arrangement. Lu caught up with the housemates recently to see how it is all going.
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Q&A on the UpSkill Provider Directory

The Summer Foundation’s Curator, Emma Gee, chats with one of the organisation’s Project Coordinators, Helen Jeisman, about the new UpSkill Provider Directory – a searchable online directory of support coordinators and NDIS allied health professionals.
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New tools to help people move out of aged care

New podcasts, videos and support tools are now available on the Housing Hub website to help people moving out of aged care. Emma Gee, Summer Foundation staff member, speaks about creating these tools with a group of people with experience of the moving process.
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Every brain injury is different

Meet Greg, he has been living with a brain injury for 33 years. He writes about his experience and explains why Brain Injury Awareness Week is important to him.
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Living life in lockdown

Emma chats to Shanais about her experience of the Covid19 lockdowns. Their conversation includes a few learnings and tips for us all to consider in living life in lockdown.
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‘Call-to-Test’ COVID-19

Gina, a Summer Foundation Program Officer in our Lived Experience Team interviewed some people with disability in our network about their experience of this new ‘Call-to-Test’ Procedure.
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Personal Protective Equipment Q&A with V

Staying COVID-free mainly… Especially in a household where we have support workers coming and going. Luckily I have a great team of women supporting me who understand…
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