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Q+A with Ned

In late 2021 Lu and Gina met Ned, his housemates and his family to capture their experience living in an ‘individualised living option’ (ILO) homeshare arrangement. Lu caught up with Ned recently.

It has been a year since we published our blog and the video series of you, how are you going?

I’m going fine, still painting and living life.

How has your living situation changed? 

Yeah it has changed. I’ve moved from the house with Nic and Duncan. Still with 2 housemates. Still with Duncan and I have a new housemate now, a girl from Colombia.  

What’s good about the change?

I like having a female instead, it’s different, it still feels the same though. We still do housemate dinners and play basketball out the back of the new house. It’s good it’s got a backyard. The old house just had a gravel pathway.

How is Duncan going?

Same old same old. Just cooking food together and playing lego, listening to music too. 

What else is news?

Every Wednesday and Friday I go to a community place to paint. I pretty much sold all my paintings from my last exhibition. I have had commission pieces to do too. And soon there will be a new exhibition coming up at my workplace.

Watch the clips on the Housing Hub website here

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