Group 3

Every brain injury is different

G’day people, 

My name is Greg and I’m 51. I have been living with a brain injury since I was 18 years old. I suffered this brain injury when I was on my way home from work. You can watch my story here

Everybody says “it will never happen to me” and that’s what I used to say. You can acquire a brain injury in many different ways. We are all individuals. As you can see, life for me is a struggle and it hasn’t all been kicks and giggles. Before my accident I was a bit of a lair. Since my brain injury, I’ve been trying to prove the doctors wrong. They told me I’d never walk, speak or sit up again. Well I’ve proved them wrong as I am out and about sitting up in my wheelchair. I can also speak clearly now. My next goal is to walk and I will not give up until my toes are pointing to the sky.

Having seen life from both sides of the wheelchair, I can say people can be so careless or cruel because they don’t understand. People need to understand. Brain Injury Awareness Week is important.

Don’t think less of me, don’t think less of us because we have a brain injury – we are ‘above average!’

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