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Staying Connected 2023 – reflecting on our stories

As the year draws to a close, we wanted to reflect and say thank you to all our contributors who generously shared their stories for our Staying Connected page. 

Samar shared her experience of fighting for funding to live in SDA, and in another post, shared what it was like to sit on the panel at the Summer Foundation’s Annual Public Forum. Connor also shared his story on his fight for SDA funding. 

Daniel, Kelly and Andrew share their stories on their housing journeys and their pathway out of aged care to living independently. Andrew also reflected on what the Voice to Parliament meant to him as an Aboriginal person living with disability. 

Maha tells the story of her submission to the NDIS Review, Suzie featured in our post celebrating Brain Injury Awareness Week and talks about the importance of understanding brain injury. 

Frances shared insight from the National Disability Summit and Lynne featured in our post for the International Day of People with Disability. 

The interesting stories shared on our Staying Connected page highlight the importance of having a voice and illuminating the diversity of experiences of people with disability. We thank all our contributors for allowing us to share their stories. 

You can read all the stories of 2023 here.

We wish all our contributors and our entire community a safe and happy festive season. We look forward to bringing you more personal stories in 2024.

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