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Staying Connected

Welcome to our Staying Connected page.

Are you living with disability or supporting someone who does? 

Connect and contribute to the work of the Summer Foundation here.

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Here is our latest story

Living life in lockdown

Emma chats to Shanais about her experience of the Covid19 lockdowns. Their conversation includes a few learnings and tips for us all to consider in living life in lockdown.
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Opportunities to get involved

Check out our opportunities (paid and voluntary) for people with lived experience of disability or share your story and experience with us.

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Read more stories from people with lived experience below.

Do you want to read more stories from people with lived experience?

Video stories

The Summer Foundation has connected with a number of people with disability over the years who have taken the time to share their personal stories with us. Here are a couple of our latest video stories:

Lisa Enjoying SDA Life

Lisa has lived in a nursing home for about 6 years. Her main goal was to get of the nursing home. Lisa shares how it feels to be preparing to move into an SDA apartment.

Sam shares ‘things that helped me move’

Sam has moved from a group home into an SDA apartment. Sam would like to share with others things that helped this move. “We don’t know what we could be, but it is a lot more than they expect.”

Adapting to the new COVID-19 normal

Adapting to the new ‘COVID-19’ normal is definitely challenging. Throughout lockdown we have encountered many obstacles and have all developed strategies to overcome these.

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