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Angela (Anj) Barker’s Experience – I got COVID-19 and was forced into hospital

It really has been such a pleasure speaking with George Taleporos in his Reasonable and Necessary podcast, discussing such a relevant and important issue. COVID-19 will probably affect us all, or at least someone close to us. 

A few months back, one of my workers had COVID-19 without knowing and gave it to me on her usual evening shift. 

The care worker began showing symptoms early Tuesday morning after working Monday evening. She thought she had food poisoning after eating takeaway seafood. 

On the Thursday, the care worker wasn’t getting better, so she went and got tested. That Friday night around 8pm she received a text saying she had contracted COVID-19. 

My mum and the care agency contacted me early Saturday and a health worker came to my apartment around 7.30 on Saturday night to test me. I wasn’t too worried as I had received 2 doses of Pfizer back in July. 

Then on Sunday night I got the news from my mum and my care agency that I too had tested positive. 

It was really shocking and upsetting. I actually had a fill-in support worker who heard the news with me and just left me before my other worker arrived. I was just left all on my own having heard that I had contracted COVID. So, I’m freaking out, thinking I’m going to die. That’s sort of what the news was saying on the TV.

The Department of Health and building management wouldn’t allow staff coming in and out of my apartment to use the lift, as they might pass COVID-19 on to other residents in my building.

I was required to isolate in hospital for 2 weeks. They wanted to kick me out as I was taking up a bed a sicker person needed. Sure, I tested positive, but thank goodness I was double dosed so I only suffered a mildly sore throat and stomach. 

When you work in this field, please be aware of your surroundings and the people you associate with because your health and wellbeing isn’t just important to you, your loved ones and family, your health affects the frail people you work for/with.

I urge everyone to ensure they get double vaxxed  – it won’t kill you, it will only make you stronger.

Thank you very much, 

Angela Barker OAM

To hear more about Angela’s experience, watch the podcast with Dr George below.

Or you can download and listen to the audio version on SoundCloud or iTunes (Apple Podcasts).


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