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New tools to help people move out of aged care

New podcasts, videos and support tools are now available on the Housing Hub website to help people moving out of aged care. Emma Gee, Summer Foundation staff member, speaks about creating these tools with a group of people with experience of the moving process.

We are excited to share a series of tools created by a team of people who have moved out of aged care. These tools aim to help people move from a nursing home into more independent living. 

Although I have a disability, I have no experience of living in aged care. To make authentic, helpful resources, we needed the expertise of people with lived experience. Their individual skills along with their insight and honesty were so important in making sure the tools are useful for others.

Drawing on each team member’s strengths, together we developed videos, podcasts and support tools to help people with the many elements of moving. 

We hope these tools will support people through their own experience out of aged care.

The new tools are available on the Housing Hub website.

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