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Profile – Meet Kelly Maskell

Tell us about yourself?

I’m almost 36, I have Cerebral Palsy. I enjoy doing diamond artwork, watching series on Netflix and I like to go shopping and meet friends for coffee. I’m a bit of a homebody sometimes.

How did you feel when you were able to move out of aged care and into your own SDA?

I was 27 when I had no choice but to go to aged care and I was 30 when I moved out. I went into short term accommodation and then finally my SDA home.

Leaving aged care I was so excited. I wanted to leave really early in the morning but I had to wait until the afternoon. I felt relief as well, I didn’t have to witness seeing people pass away anymore. That was the most horrible part. I still have that picture in my head of the undertakers coming to take people away, this was the most traumatic experience. I was looking forward to a decent meal, there was a limited budget for food. I left thinking until the day I die I will never go back into a nursing home.

The best part about my SDA home is that I can do whatever I want, I can go out at night if I want to, no curfew for me now. I can go for a walk around the block and go get a coffee and feel safe where I live.

What has motivated you to do the advocacy work you are involved with now?

I want other people to lead better lives and live in better homes. I want them to learn from my experience. 

How does it make you feel to share your experience?

It makes me feel good to think my experience can help others.

Do you have a message for the government?

Young people don’t belong in nursing homes and you need to get your act together. Yes I have a disability but I shouldn’t have to be in a nursing home.

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