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Meet Connor

What would you like to share with readers about yourself?

My name is Connor, I am 19 years old and moving into an SDA apartment soon. My disability is Friederichs Ataxia. I have dog named Gus who is 8 months and hoping to move in with me if he behaves.

I have a group support behind me, of family and friends. I hope that I can study OT in the future and solve accessibility issues. I would like to eventually travel to places in Europe or America.

I am hoping we can make the NDIS a lot more accessible and client based. 

My biggest struggle with the NDIS and the process was that they didn’t listen to me as a person and I hope that the Down to 10 days campaign can fix these issues. The more that people tell their stories about SDA the easier the process will be.

Can you tell us about your housing journey?

I had to wait 2 years, roughly 730 days, to get the correct SDA in my plan. I was originally funded to live in a share house, which is not very accommodating for a young person, especially in Canberra.

We were all very nervous about the future, where was I going to go. At the same time my Mum had to sell her house, which made everything even more uncertain.

The process forced me to face my disability all over again, it’s a progressive disability so this is very difficult.

It really impacted on my mental health, the uncertainty around how it was going to affect me and my family, and my future. 

I’m looking forward to my independence, being able to go out and have people around when I want them around, and in my own home. I’m still trying to organise how I want my apartment to look, I’ve got a couch and looking to get a double bed for my room. 

I’m looking forward to having lights that I can turn off, and blinds as well.

Do you have any advice for others trying to get SDA?

I think continue as best as you can – you’ve just got to hang in there. It was good having good support around me. 

How did you feel sharing your experience?

It felt good to talk about the process and tell my story, I really want to make a difference and the best way I could help was telling my story.

Connor worked with the Summer Foundation team on the Down to 10 Days Campaign. You can also watch his story here:

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