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Rachel’s Story

Rachel speaks about her experience of waiting for SDA and the impact that it had on her life.

I became progressively disabled with an incurable neurological disorder and was in hospital for five months until July 2019 when they wanted to transfer me to a nursing home. I preferred to go back to my inaccessible split-level Office of Housing unit. I couldn’t access a shower, my front door or kitchen for 14 months and 16 days. 

“It was a very distressing time and I was in a situation of severe neglect .”

Accessing SDA was a difficult process. When I was granted SDA approval it was categorised in the wrong area, I waited months for the paperwork to be corrected. The stress worsened my neurological disorder. 

My hope applying for SDA was to be able to sit at a table. I’ve far exceeded that hope. I’m doing work supporting other people with disabilities, so moving into accessible housing really has been not just an investment in one life but in the wider community, in my case. SDA is not a luxury. It’s an essential service. 

Please sign the petition and bring the decision for SDA down to 10 days.

Sharing my experience felt like a very safe process and I was really happy that my voice was heard very clearly the whole way through.

I’d highly recommend anyone to share their story to help support the campaign .

If you would like to share your lived experience of long SDA delays, please contact:
Email: livedexperience@summerfoundation.org.au
Phone: 0499 333 105

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