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Q and A with Annual Public Forum panelist, Samar Bain

Hear from Samar Bain, NDIS participant and support worker trainer, who featured on the panel at the Summer Foundation Annual Public Forum.

Can you tell us  why you were asked to be a panelist and your connection to the topic ‘Transforming Home and Living Supports’?

The Summer Foundation approached me as I have done other work for them. Given my background as a disability support work trainer and NDIS consultant they thought I was a perfect person to be on the panel as an  NDIS participant and working in the field. 

I live in SDA housing. The topic transforming home and living support really grabbed me as I’m always having to fight to maintain my support worker hours and the way I would like to be supported in my home.

What do you think the most important part of the discussion was?

  • What makes a great support worker?
  • How far has the NDIS come in the last 10 years and how can we improve?
  • If you had freedom to spend your funding how would you spend it? 

These 3 questions were a highlight for me. They all relate to something that I am really passionate about. 

I think when it comes to being a great support worker you just have to keep in mind that we are humans supporting humans. I think people forget that. 

How did you feel speaking on the panel? 

I felt really nervous. All the prep work leading up to it was very exciting and when we got closer to the time I was starting to get nervous and I was worried I would get stage fright but when I got up the first question it just felt natural. I was happy when everyone added to the discussion. 

I think when I got the question from the audience it kind of threw me off guard but I surprised myself.

Why do you take the time to share your experience and insights?

I am very passionate about what I do.  As someone living with a disability I feel like I’ve got a valid point of view and I also work in the field. I love to share my insight. I am very passionate about the disability sector and training support workers. I like to share my insight and my experiences and I want people to learn from that, to take away from that and be the best version they could possibly be, just like I have done.

What would you say to someone else thinking about connecting with our work at the Summer Foundation and sharing their experience?

It’s a great organisation to work with and be connected with. The knowledge and the insight they have is just incredible. I highly recommend connecting as they are very supportive and value everything you share with them. I feel very honoured to be part of their team as they are just amazing to work alongside.

You can watch a recording of the 2023 Annual Public Forum here.

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