Group 3

Research Update

As part of the Summer Foundation-La Trobe University Research Programme, in recent months we have published several journal articles and reports, and presented at academic conferences. 

We’ve been looking at issues such as hospital discharge, accessible housing regulations, NDIA decision-making, support coordination, and the impact of living in SDA. 

Our projects aim to: 

  • Understand the needs of people with disability,
    and what has been tried in the past 
  • Design frameworks and potential solutions to systemic issues 
  • Evaluate the effectiveness and impact of new programs, policy changes, or clinical practice 

We know that to make a difference, the evidence needs to be accessible to everyone. We strive to communicate our findings to those who need it most, including people with disability and their families, support workers, health professionals, and policy-makers. 

You can see all our research here.

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