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As new legislation looms, here’s the latest on the future of the NDIS

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Source: ABC News – Evan Young and Nas Campanella

It’s been 3 months since the NDIS Review called for a total rethink of disability support in Australia.

ABC News have today reported on the draft legislation unveiled by federal government. The draft legislation addresses priority recommendations from the NDIS Review and represents the first of the policy and system amendments to improve NDIS participant experience, with a focus on access, plans and budget settings, and quality and safety.

Government has stressed reforms won’t happen right away or without more consultation. The ABC suggests the consultation period will last 18 months and any changes that result would be gradually rolled out over 5 years, as recommended by the NDIS Review.

Many improvements cannot take effect until further NDIS rules and legislative instruments are updated or made. It is critical that the Government partners with the disability community to design solutions that deliver good outcomes for people with disability and the scheme.

To quote from the NDIS Review final report, “Continuing the engagement is the only way to ensure the success of these reforms and to continue to rebuild trust.”

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