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Welcome to the Spring 2018 edition

From Hospital to Home – Summer Foundation Annual Public Forum 2018


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We welcome the Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s announcement of a Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety.

Prime Minister Morrison purposefully included mention of young Australians who live in residential aged care.

The Royal Commission will look at the quality and safety of care in aged care. It’s not clear if it will also look at the system changes that need to happen to stop young people ending up in aged care in the first place. We think it’s really important to include this in the Royal Commission, so that young people will stop being forced to live in aged care because there are no other suitable options. Read more

I encourage you to join us at midday on 11 October at NAB Arena in Melbourne for our Annual Public Forum – “From Hospital to Home”. Health professionals, disability professionals and people with lived experience will gather to discuss how to achieve the best possible outcomes for people with complex needs, as they head from hospital to home.

In other news, we’ve written a useful guide on how to navigate your way through your search for mainstream housing. “Mainstream Housing Options”
will tell you everything you need to know when starting your search for appropriate housing.

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Penny Paul
Information and Connections Coordinator

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