Group 3

Understanding accessibility features

The Summer Foundation and La Trobe University are conducting national surveys of people with a mobility impairment and occupational therapists (OTs) about housing accessibility features.

We are aiming to get input from:

  • People with a mobility impairment (including seniors and people with a mobility-related disability) 
  • OTs who conduct home visits pre-hospital discharge or to assess the suitability of homes for seniors wanting to age in place

The studies involve a brief online survey to understand the importance of accessibility features in new Australia housing.

If you are a person with a mobility impairment or an OT and would like to participate, please follow the links below for more information and to access the survey.

By completing the survey and sharing your lived or professional expertise, you will help ensure that future Australian homes better meet the needs of all people. The surveys will be open from 8 February to 19 February.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Phone: 03 9894 7006 or email: research@summerfoundation.org.au

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