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Two new appointments to the Summer Foundation Board

[lead]We are pleased to announce two new appointments to the Summer Foundation Board.[/lead]

With a continued strategic focus on the health sector, the Summer Foundation is pleased that Adam Horsburgh and Professor Andrew Way are joining our Board.

Professor Andrew Way is the Chief Executive of Alfred Health. With a focus on improving access to high quality and safe services, he is a leader in his field.

Adam Horsburgh is Deputy Chief Executive and Chief Operating Officer of Melbourne Health. He has extensive local and international experience in operational health service management.

Both Andrew and Adam have a wealth of contemporary experience in the health sector, which will be invaluable as we continue to seek systemic change in our mission to stop young people with disability being forced to live in aged care.

Every week 50 young Australians with disability are forced to live in aged care because there is nowhere else for them to go. A majority of these young people enter aged care from a hospital or rehab setting. These young people are effectively falling through critical gaps between the health and disability sectors.

We aim to reduce this number significantly by bridging the existing gaps between the two sectors. As we bolster our health focus, we intend to harness the specialised health experience Andrew and Adam bring.

We warmly welcome Andrew and Adam and look forward to working with them to solve the issue of young people with disability in aged care.

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