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Tick for inclusive housing emphasis

The Summer Foundation welcomes the emphasis on inclusive housing in the Disability Royal Commission’s final report. 

We have made 11 recommendations related to housing in our position statement on the DRC’s final report that articulates some quick wins as well as actions to address the more complex and systemic challenges.

Our call to action is for federal, state and territory governments to partner with people with disability and the sector to build on existing work and evidence, rather than duplicating efforts. 

We have shared our position statement with the federal, state and territory ministers across disability, health and housing, leaders at the NDIA and NDIS Commission, and other policy makers across the disability/NDIS, health and housing sectors. 

 “Timely analysis, prioritisation, coordination and implementation of the policy ideas in the 222 recommendations for improving laws, policies, structures and practices is needed,” the position statement says. 

“It is critical that the people with disability who gave so much to this Royal Commission benefit from some quick wins as well as see tangible actions to address the more complex and systemic challenges.” 

The statement says the current system of provider regulation and safeguards for NDIS participants is clearly not adequate. 

“The emphasis on inclusive housing and inclusive lives in the final report is welcome. Social connection and access to the community reduces the risk of exploitation, violence and abuse.”

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