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SDA rules change

SDA participants across Australia recently welcomed much-anticipated changes to the Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) Rules which will allow people with disability to share an SDA property with people not eligible for the NDIS or SDA, including their partner, children and friends.

The Summer Foundation has been working hard to achieve these changes, which were announced by the NDIS in mid-June, enabling people with disabilities with SDA in their plans to have greater choice and freedom to live how they wish. 

Summer Foundation storyteller, Masoud, has been living in residential aged care for the past 4 years as there was no other option for him. 

The main goal for Masoud has always been to live in his own home and he recently received SDA in his NDIS plan but only for a 1-bedroom apartment.

Masoud’s brother Edris said it was a big relief to hear that the SDA Rules have now changed. 

We have always wanted Masoud to live independently and make his own choices and to have his own home, more choices and flexibility,” Edris said.

We feel It is very important for Masoud to live with family as he trusts us more”.

The area where you live and who you live with impacts how you live and feel about life”.

It would be life changing for Masoud. We will have more time not travelling to RAC and spending a lot of time there – less pressure on our shoulders.”

These changes will allow Masoud to take control of his future and to enable him to live with whom he chooses, in appropriate accommodation with the right supports in place. 

For more information about the recent change to the SDA Rules see here.

What do these changes mean?

  • You can share SDA with a person who is not funded for SDA
  • You can have more than 5 longer-term residents in new or existing stock where these residents are from the same family
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