Group 3

Research grant success

The Summer Foundation secured 2 significant research grants in February.

A La Trobe University/Summer Foundation team received an Australian Research Council (ARC) grant for a 3-year project investigating the lived experience of people with a disability moving into specialist housing.

The ARC Linkage Program promotes research partnerships between researchers and business, industry, community organisations and other publicly funded research agencies.

The team will investigate the experience, outcomes, and economic impact of people with disability moving into specialist disability accommodation housing. 

The project aims to provide comprehensive knowledge to inform policy, build evidence across housing, technology, support, and disability sectors to benefit people living with disability.

Another La Trobe University/Summer Foundation project has received a grant from MS Australia to investigate the housing and support needs and preferences of people with MS.

The 1-year study will be the first to combine detailed data on the housing and support needs and preferences of people with MS. It will provide valuable insights into the barriers, facilitators and opportunities for people with MS to live where and with whom they wish to live. 

Emeritus Professor Jacinta Douglas, who is leading both projects, said: “By learning from people’s lived experience, we can ensure better housing and support outcomes and have a positive impact on the lives of people with disability.” 

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