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Profile – Rebecca Evans

Housing Hub Lived Experience Coordinator Rebecca Evans took time out of her busy schedule to tell us about herself.

Tell us about yourself.

I am 23 years old and I live in Perth. I have a rare neuromuscular disability but that doesn’t stop me from living a very active and busy life! I’m studying a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) at Curtin University and am doing a research project with the Telethon Kids Institute. I’m very passionate about disability advocacy. I volunteer for the Youth Disability Advocacy Network. 

Outside of work, study and advocacy, I also play a sport called powerchair football (or soccer), which has become my major passion in life. Oh, and I also work for the Housing Hub as the Lived Experience Coordinator!

How did you get involved with powerchair football? Are there any special highlights for you?

I first got involved in powerchair football when I attended a social evening for young adults with neuromuscular conditions. I met a few athletes there who played and they enticed me to give it a go. From the moment I tried it I was hooked! It was something that I could do independently and where I could really unleash my competitive spirit. 

My most special highlight was vice captaining the U21 Australian team at the 2019 Asia-Pacific-Oceania Cup. I was the only female and the only West Australian out of both the senior and U21 teams, which made the achievement extra special. 

When you finish your studies, what are your plans?

I think I’ll continue with what I’m doing. I did have plans to secure employment or continue on to do my Masters, but when the part-time opportunity with the Housing Hub came up it was an opportunity I couldn’t ignore. 

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