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Number of young people going into aged care is dropping 

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare has released new data about the numbers of young people living in residential aged care (RAC). 

Comparing this to data we have gathered from other sources, including Senate Estimates and the NDIS Quarterly Report, we can conclude: ·      

  • As of 30 September 2023, there were 1,891 young people living in RAC; 1,565 were NDIS participants
  • From 1 October 2022 to 30 September 2023, 320 younger people entered RAC
  • From October 2022 to 30 September 2023, 589 people under 65 left aged care

Historical data indicates a downwards trend in both the number of people entering aged care and the number of people living in aged care. In September 2022 there were 2,672 people under 65 living in RAC, compared to the latest figure of 1,891 (September 2023). In the year to  September 2022, 435 people under 65 entered aged care, compared to 320 people in the year to September 2023.

The data clearly shows that there has been a significant reduction in the number of younger people entering residential aged care. However, examining the younger people leaving RAC indicates that 60% of the people are dying while still in RAC, and the majority of those going to other accommodation are going back to their family homes or hospitals. 

There is still substantial work to be done. We are committed to continue working with government to improve the rates in which YPIRAC with high and complex needs are leaving RAC to go to accommodation that is appropriate for their needs with appropriate support in place.


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