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New Housing Hub is here

The new Housing Hub is already proving to be a great success – in its first 3 weeks it saw 52 housing seeker profiles added, 309 housing seeker sign ups and 581 inquiries to providers.

The Housing Hub website is the place for people with disability to find the home that is just right, and for housing providers to connect with people looking for accessible housing.

Its new look, extra features and improved user experience enhance the service that has more than 936 listings for accessible properties for people to rent or buy across the country.

The new features we now have on the website are striking a chord with housing seekers,” said Housing Hub General Manager Alecia Rathbone.

One of the new features lets people build a profile with information about themselves and their housing preferences. Housing seekers then receive an email when new properties matching their preferences are listed. And a Suitability Score shows how closely advertised properties meet their preferences.

The site also has new features for housing providers, including simpler loading of property listings and the ability for people to download listings as a PDF brochure.

User feedback will drive regular updates to the site. 

You can visit the website here.

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