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Housing update: Rapid Housing Project & SDA in Tasmania


When someone with complex support needs is ready to leave hospital, a lack of suitable housing often results in them having to stay for longer periods of time in hospital or rehabilitation or they are forced to move to aged care. While this option may be seen as a temporary solution, often people remain there for many months, or end up staying permanently.

Our Rapid Housing Prototype Project seeks to address this lack of interim solutions with a temporary modular housing option.

The Summer Foundation is working towards a prototype being built and publicly displayed to encourage people to think about temporary housing options.

This project has the potential to reduce the guesswork in early planning, maximise a person’s potential for functional improvement, as well as provide opportunities to engage informal supports, thereby reducing long-term support costs.


The Summer Foundation is reviewing the Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) market in Tasmania.

We have been contracted by the Tasmanian Department of Communities (previously the Department of Health and Human Services) to review the SDA market and provide advice on the future management of SDA in Tasmania, including an analysis of demand.

The Tasmanian Government is seeking independent information and advice to help determine its role in the long-term provision and management of SDA.

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