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Housing Hub revamp

A new-look Housing Hub is on the way!

The revamped website will have a number of extra features, including improved search and matching functions and the ability for housing seekers to create their own profiles.

Our goal is to match housing seekers with a home that is just right for them, as quickly and easily as possible,” said General Manager, Housing Matching, Alecia Rathbone. 

We’re doing this by placing our housing seekers at the centre of our design approach. One of the new features will allow them to create their own housing profiles, focusing on their individual needs and wants. The Housing Hub will automatically compare new home listings with peoples’ profiles, and let people know if there is a possible match.”

The site will also feature more detailed listings and greater online support for housing seekers and providers promoting their properties. 

The Housing Hub recently marked its second birthday. From humble beginnings as a government funded pilot project in 2017, the site has grown to now list vacancies from housing providers (including developers of Specialist Disability Accommodation) in New South Wales, Queensland,
South Australia, Victoria, the ACT and Western Australia.

It has listed around 800 properties and has been viewed by more than 90,000 people.

You can visit the Housing Hub here.

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