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Hospital to Home moves to Housing Hub

Hospital to Home graphic featuring a, image of a person with disability smiling

The Hospital to Home service – previously offered by the Summer Foundation – will now be available through the Housing Hub.

Since 2020, the Hospital to Home service has supported over 300 people stuck in hospital to discharge and achieve their home and living preferences.

The service, which adopts a rights-based approach, is designed to:

  • Search for housing options for NDIS participants in hospital to support discharge
  • Prevent young people with disability being discharged to aged care
  • Assist health teams and supporters to understand the types of housing available, and the eligibility and evidence requirements

This service is philanthropically and government-funded, and is completely free to use.

To be eligible for the Hospital to Home service, a person must:

  • Be an inpatient in an acute or sub-acute hospital setting
  • Be an NDIS participant, or likely to be (ARF submitted)
  • Require support to find housing options in order to be discharged from hospital

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