Group 3

Bruce Camplin’s story

Hi, I’m Bruce, 52 years young, living in an SDA apartment on the Gold Coast. I have a disability called arthrogryposis, which affects both joints and muscles of my major joints.

I work at a major Brisbane stadium and I enjoy the Gold Coast lifestyle and a variety of sports including walking football.

Before moving into my brand new SDA apartment, I was living in a shared support home with 3 other like-minded people.  I lived in the home for 34 years before the opportunity came about thanks to Liverty Housing.  My feelings were of excitement, freedom, adventure and I almost felt like I was 18 years old again and could do anything.

Life has improved tremendously as I find myself engaging in the community.  I have more confidence, independence and choice about how I spend my time.

Working on the Summer Foundation Co-design Team’s workshops has helped me to understand what it means to be an SDA participant.  I have been able to contribute my ideas and feedback to help potential participants also seeking SDA accommodation.  I look forward to further contributions where my input is valued and can add further insight in the future.

The advice I would offer to others looking to move into SDA is to hang in there, work with all your team and supports, and NEVER GIVE UP as the reward is a greater achievement and quality of lifestyle.

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