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ILO and Beyond – Individualised Living in Action Resource

Individualised living arrangements are as unique as a fingerprint – at this recorded webinar we discuss how they can work to give people the opportunity to live the way they want.

At this webinar, you hear from Ned, who recently moved out of his family home and is living with 2 supportive housemates. You learn about Ned’s home, his living arrangement and learn about how NDIS participants and their supporters can get started with their own unique arrangements. 

Many people with disability need support to live independently in the community, but don’t want to live in a group home. At this webinar you can build your understanding of individualised living, learn how the principles of person-centred planning together with the opportunities of the NDIS help create a way forward.

This webinar was delivered live on Monday 11 October 2021. 

About UpSkill: UpSkill is a Summer Foundation program that offers professional development to support coordinators and NDIS allied health professionals so people with complex needs can be supported by skilled professionals to live well in the community. Find out more.

About Housing Hub: The Housing Hub is a website that lists over 1,500 accessible houses, apartments and other properties that may be suitable for people with disability to rent or buy.  It is an initiative of the Summer Foundation. 

About Bridge It: Bridge It Homes Connect  – creative paths to safe, connected homes for people living with disability.

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