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Specialist disability accommodation provider experience survey: August 2023

August 2023

Specialist disability accommodation provider experience survey: August 2023

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The 2023 SDA Provider Experience Report includes the results of the Housing Hub’s third annual SDA Provider Experience Survey. In total, 41 providers completed the survey. These providers have a total of 1,452 places for tenants in their 779 New Build SDA dwellings, representing almost one-quarter of all New Build SDA dwellings (21.8%) and places (22.4%) in the market.
The report reveals challenges in the SDA market with many SDA providers facing financial pressure due to high vacancy rates and delayed payments from the NDIA. These findings emphasise the need for continued monitoring and interventions to ensure market stability.
The report contains a detailed analysis of the survey results. It also includes a series of recommendations for the NDIA, to ensure its stewardship of the SDA market maximises positive outcomes for both participants and providers.
You can access a 2-page summary of the report here.


Tuohy, L., Wellecke, C., Aimers, N., Winkler, D., Rathbone, A., Robertson, J., & Rothman, R. (2023). Specialist Disability Accommodation provider experience survey: August 2023. Housing Hub and Summer Foundation

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