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Share your experience

On this page we will share current opportunities (paid or voluntary) to work with us at the Summer Foundation. Your lived experience can inform our work and by sharing your story you can enable others to feel more supported, empowered and connected.

There are many ways to contribute your lived experience, whether you’re a person with disability, a carer, or a close other – we’d love to support you to do this. It may be through a case study for a resource, having your say in a submission or participating in a workshop to mention a few.

Check in regularly to see new opportunities as they come up.

“By sharing my experience, they (people), have an understanding how it feels, maybe if they read about my experience, they might decide that they can do it too.” James

James has supported the work of the Summer Foundation for many years.
A highlight of his contributions was presenting at a Royal Commission
hearing in Melbourne

“It feels good to be contributing to projects and meeting lovely people along the way” Daniel

Daniel has supported the work of Summer Foundation for 6 years. Amongst various contributions, Daniel enjoyed creating a digital clip about his NDIS journey.

Connect with us

To find out more about opportunities with our lived experience team or if you would like to share your story or experience, please fill in your details below and one of our team members will be in contact with you.

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