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Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) explainer for investors

This short video about Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) and the accompanying information sheets can be used by support coordinators to explain what SDA is to the people they are working with.

The video and information sheets include information about what SDA is, who can live in SDA, the different types of SDA, who pays for SDA, how to get SDA funding and how support works in SDA. Download the information sheets below.

What is SDA?

Can I live in SDA?

Are there different types
of SDA?

Who pays for SDA?

How do I get SDA funding?

How does support work
in SDA?

Where can I live?

The UpSkill team have produced the following videos to capture the fundamentals of what you need to know when you are a support coordinator or private allied health professional. If you are attending any online or face-to-face UpSkill training, you should watch the UpSkill Fundamentals videos beforehand.

UpSkill Fundamentals Part 1

Working from a human rights framework requires that you understand the origin of the human rights and disability rights movements. 
Topics included in this webinar: 
1. A potted history of disability
2. How we got the NDIS
3. Central ideas underpinning the NDIS

UpSkill Fundamentals Part 2

Effective capacity building work with NDIS participants requires that you understand how to apply the central ideas underpinning the NDIS. Topics included in this webinar: 
4. How the NDIS works
5. The role of NDIS support coordinators and allied health professionals
6. Complex support needs pathway
7. Participating in a planning meeting

UpSkill Fundamentals Part 3

The NDIS can provide funding for people with complex support needs to live in the community with an appropriate mix of NDIS and mainstream supports.  Making this a reality requires NDIS support coordinators and allied health professionals who can work effectively with the NDIS health interface and understand the housing supports in the NDIS, including the  specialist disability accommodation (SDA) pathway. Topics included in this webinar: 
8. Health NDIS interface
9. Discharge destinations
10. Invitation to join UpSkill

These videos for health services are part of the NDIS Capacity building framework training manual.

Embedding Practice Change: Health Services and the NDIS

Introduction to the NDIS (Webinars 1–4)

NDIS Foundations (Modules 1–3)

Streamlining Health & NDIS for Better Discharge Outcomes