Group 3

Primary health policy

Too many people with disability are ending up in residential aged care (RAC) because community health services are inaccessible or insufficient.

Solution 1: Governments need to invest in community-based rehabilitation services

Many young people with disability need access to rehabilitation services to maintain and improve their independence and avoid aged care. A nationally consistent approach needs to be funded where rehabilitation is provided in the community.

Solution 2: Governments need to invest in plugging the gaps in clinical supports

Funding of disability related clinical care needs in NDIS plans is critical. A number of young people in aged care have complex medical care needs, requiring nursing and other clinical support to live in the community. Access to these services is very limited.

This lack of clinical care forces younger people into aged care, which is the only environment where this clinical support can be accessed. Adequate funding of supports must be made available to people with disability so they can live in the community.

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