Group 3

Innovation in SDA Project

The aim of this project is to partner with people with disability and the building and design sectors to explore how modular, prefabricated and relocatable housing might provide solutions for thin markets. 

Why is this needed? 

The SDA market is not currently developing the range of housing required to meet the diverse needs of National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) participants in the places where they want to live.  

There has been limited innovation in the SDA market. This project is working with people with disability who have had difficulty finding the right home where they want to live to help shape new thinking about the design of SDA.  

Co-design with NDIS participants

We are designing housing for people with disability, so people with disability need to be involved in the design of this solution from the outset.

Fifteen NDIS participants attended four co-design workshops to contribute their lived experience and thinking to the design brief.   

The participants shared their experience, which lead to the development of key design principles to guide the design of the new SDA.

What will the outcomes of this project be?

A report from the co-design process that summarises the findings including the key design principles identified by workshop participants.


Specifications for a new typology of SDA. 

Construction of a demonstration project to test and refine the specifications for a new typology of SDA.

Rather than build one housing demonstration project that will be replicated by others in the market, this project aims to foster a range of new and innovative design solutions to meet the diverse needs of NDIS participants.