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Welcome Home – compliance training

Welcome Home is a package of compliance education resources for registered providers of Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA). 

The package includes training modules, management tools and audio-visual resources. They are designed to help tenancy management staff, Board and executive team members understand their service obligations under the SDA Practice Standards and explore a rights-based approach to service delivery.

How does it work?

The Welcome Home package offers a series of 6 training modules (see below) that explain the Practice Standards for SDA and provide detailed information about the performance outcomes and indicators. Additional tools and resources explore good practices and strategies to support a rights-based approach to service delivery and include stories and insights from SDA tenants. The resources are free to access and are designed for free self-paced learning.

Welcome Home training education package overview

Module 1: A Rights-based Approach to SDA

  • A written introduction to the Welcome Home education package
  • A Welcome Home video: ‘What home means to me’

Module 2: Rights and Responsibilities

  • A guide to the Rights and Responsibilities Practice Standard for SDA
  • Resources explore SDA tenant rights and rights-focused management practices
  • A Welcome Home training video: Rights & Responsibilities

Module 3: Conflict of Interest

  • A guide to the Conflict of Interest Practice Standard for SDA
  • Resources explore good practices for managing conflicts of interest
  • A Welcome Home training video: Conflict of Interest

Module 4: Service Agreements

  • A guide to the Service Agreements Practice Standard for SDA
  • Resources explore good practices for working with a tenant to establish an SDA service agreement
  • A Welcome Home training video: Service Agreements

Module 5: Enrolment of SDA Properties

  • A guide to the Enrolment of SDA Properties Practice Standard for SDA
  • Tools to support preparation for enrolling an SDA dwelling.

Module 6: Tenancy Management

  • A guide to the Tenancy Management Practice Standard for SDA
  • Resources explore policy and procedure requirements for delivering SDA tenancy supports
  • A Welcome Home training video: Tenancy Management

Executive Resource: Monitoring Compliance and Continuous Improvement

  • SDA Provider Self-Assessment Tool
  • Podcast 1: The Summer Foundation’s Policy Manager, Dr George Taleporos, interviews NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commissioner, Graeme Head, and Registrar, Samantha Taylor, about some of the issues and challenges facing the emerging SDA sector
  • Podcast 2: The SDA provider role
  • Podcast 3: The SDA tenant as a consumer

Welcome Home Webinars

Webinar recordings, presentation slides and facilitation notes will be available for download.

This project is funded by the Support for NDIS Providers Program, administered by the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission.

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