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Find SDA and housing information and properties

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is providing new opportunities for people to have more choice and control about where and how they want to live.

To make choices about what you want in a home, you need information about what could be available for you. 

Getting started

The Summer Foundation’s My Housing Preferences can help you think about where you want to live, who you would like to live with and the type of housing that you would like to live in. It can help you tell your housing story and work out your housing goals.

Funding support

The NDIS can provide capacity building funding for participants who need support to search for suitable housing. If you’re not happy with where you live, it’s important that you talk about this at your NDIS planning meeting and ensure that searching for suitable housing is one of your goals in your NDIS plan. For more, see our Looking for Somewhere to Live guide.

For people with extreme functional impairment or very high support needs, the NDIS may fund Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) payments.

NDIS Housing resources

See our full range of resources about accessing housing; they are designed for people with disability, their families and supporters, support coordinators and allied health professionals.

Housing Hub

Deciding you want to move is one thing, finding housing that meets your needs is another. The Housing Hub is a website the Summer Foundation launched in August 2017 to connect people with disability to suitable housing.

Housing providers from anywhere in Australia can list their properties on the Housing Hub. Listings include existing SDA properties, new SDA builds, non-SDA supported accommodation, private rental and properties for sale.

The Housing Hub also hosts a library of useful SDA resources and information for housing seekers and housing providers.

Linda – SDA advice

Linda explains clearly the steps involved when looking for SDA. She highlights the impact on her son, Trevor, and herself since he moved into an SDA apartment.

Where can I live?

If you have a disability, finding somewhere to live that suits you can be hard. The first step to finding the right place is to have a good think about what you want and need.

Living Independently – Trevor

Linda, Trevor’s Mum, shares how Trevor’s life has changed since he chose to live independently with support in an SDA apartment.

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