Group 3

Angela Barker was an active 16-year-old when she was brutally bashed to near death by a controlling ex-boyfriend. The attack left her in coma for 3 weeks and she suffered post traumatic amnesia for 8 months. She underwent a rigorous rehabilitation program for the next 4 months.

During this difficult time, Angela and her family were faced with the prospect of Angela living in aged care for the rest of her life as there seemed to be no other option.

At the age of 17, Angela reluctantly moved into an aged care facility, which she described as “pure hell”. She felt trapped, angry and incredibly sad that this was her life.

However, after living in the aged care facility for 2 and half years, Angela’s parents decided to take her home and give her the care and support she needed there. Angela’s commitment to rehabilitation and her progress in recovery allowed her to gain more independence. Eventually, she was able to move into her own apartment in Melbourne.

With appropriate funding in her NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) plan, Angela was able to move into an SDA (Specialist Disability Accommodation) apartment. This marked a significant milestone in her journey to independence. She now has a space that caters to her specific needs.

We, young people, still deserve every chance to live a full life, give it our best and not be given a life sentence and be left to live with those who are dying… “

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