Group 3

Our people

Dr Di Winkler

Chief Executive Officer

The Summer Foundation was established in 2006 by Di Winkler, an occupational therapist who has worked with people with severe brain injury for more than 20 years.

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Executive Team

Guiding our focus to stop young people being forced into aged care

Board of Directors

Bringing diverse experience to our strategic thinking

Research Team

Providing an evidence base to develop new ideas and innovation

Government Relations and Policy Team

Helping to shape thinking on policy and change decisions of government

Co-Design Team

Engaging with lived experience to inform, co-design and evaluate resources, tools and interventions.

Communications Team

Ensuring quality and consistency in our messaging and resources

Finance/Operations Team

Managing the systems and processes to support our work

Hospital to Home Team

Support the discharge of people with disability from hospital to housing that aligns with their housing needs and preferences

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