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Welcome to our Spring 2022 Update

Annual Public Forum

It’s an exciting and busy time for the Summer Foundation.

Our Annual Public Forum on Friday 25 November will look at a reimagined NDIS and what it means for participants. As the Labor Government settles in, it is the ideal time to explore how a reimagined NDIS could truly serve the people it was designed for. 

People with disability, policy makers and sector professionals will get together to discuss issues of common interest around the NDIS.

The spotlight on the NDIS continues with the launch of our participant survey report next month (October). Preliminary findings suggest that the NDIS has improved the lives of many people with disability but there are significant issues with the management of the Scheme. Watch our social media channels for report details.

Along with this focus comes a major win on building accessibility standards that will benefit all Australians in the years to come. Read about the Building Better Homes campaign and the outcomes from the latest meeting of national building ministers.

The Summer Foundation launched its UpSkill program in 2018 to build the capacity of support coordinators. Read about our plans to expand and boost the program.

I look forward to seeing you at the Annual Public Forum.

Di Winkler,

CEO and Founder

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NDIS participant survey

The Summer Foundation, in partnership with People With Disability Australia, recently conducted a survey to capture people’s lived experience with the NDIS. The study was also seeking to understand what people thought a reimagined NDIS would look like.
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A reimagined NDIS

Annual Public Forum 2022

The Summer Foundation’s 2022 Annual Public Forum will be held on Friday 25 November. A reimagined NDIS: What this means for my housing and supports will discuss the issues and opportunities around SDA and housing needs more broadly for NDIS participants.
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Media watch

The Summer Foundation and the key objectives of our Down to 10 Days campaign were in the media spotlight in August.
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Deep dive into the NDIS

In his first interview with Dr George Taleporos since becoming the NDIS Minister, Bill Shorten has promised to fast track decisions, sack the lawyers and put people with disability in charge.
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Building Better Homes win

Building ministers from around Australia came together in August and adopted changes to the National Construction Code that will require all new homes to be built to new mandatory accessibility standards.
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Disability Royal Commission

In July the Summer Foundation made a submission to the Disability Royal Commission. It said immediate action is needed to improve outcomes for people with disability.
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Hospital discharge projects

We know there are around 1,430 people with disability stuck in hospitals around Australia who no longer have a medical need to be there. These people wait an average of 160 days to be discharged from hospital and to resume their lives.
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Woman with a checklist presenting a workshop

UpSkill expansion

UpSkill was launched by the Summer Foundation in September 2018 to build the capacity of support coordinators and ensure young people living in aged care, or at risk of entering the aged care system, have access to highly skilled support coordination. 
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Research Annual Report

The research partnership between the Summer Foundation and La Trobe University’s Living with Disability Research Centre continued throughout 2021/22. The partnership uses research to improve the lives of people with disability and understand the issue of young people in aged care and the associated systems and pathways.
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