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UpSkill expansion

Woman with a checklist presenting a workshop

UpSkill was launched by the Summer Foundation in September 2018 to build the capacity of support coordinators and ensure young people living in aged care, or at risk of entering the aged care system, have access to highly skilled support coordination. 

The program has expanded over the years, to the point where 7 core workshops were delivered regularly last year to an audience that included support coordinators, allied health professionals and other professionals who support people with disability. 

UpSkill has become a core program that generates its own revenue, and this year we have ambitious plans for growth. 

“Our vision is for UpSkill to become the leading provider of training for NDIS professionals who support people with complex support needs to live well in the community,” said Social Enterprise Lead John Koerber. 

“To achieve this, we’ve mapped out the learning needs of our target audiences and developed a training roadmap for the next couple of years. 

“Our plan is to increase from our starting point of 7 workshops to more than 30 different training modules, to increase our training audience to include a focus on hospital clinicians and to launch a new technology platform that will enable people to undertake a range of self-paced learning modules at their convenience.” 

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