Living Like Everyone Else

Living Like Everyone Else is an up-to-date guide to 24-hour support options for people with disability and complex needs, detailing how people can live more independently in their own homes.

The NDIS opens up new opportunities for supporting people to live in affordable, accessible and innovative housing. Living Like Everyone Else focuses on ways that enable people with complex needs to live like the rest of the community.

With individualised NDIS funding, we have an opportunity to re-think support and this guide identifies eleven different support strategies. Many people with complex needs are only offered, or insist on, models that involve around-the-clock staff presence in their homes. Coordinating factors such as housing location, design, advanced communication and environmental control technology — together with new ways of delivering support involving family, friends and community members — now means that best practice 24-hour support doesn’t need to involve a continual staff presence.

Living Like Everyone Else lays the groundwork for further projects aimed at improving the provision of 24-hour support to people with complex needs, such as those currently living in residential aged care.