a successful transition to more independent living

This report sets out the current understanding of what is required to support a tenant with complex support needs to successfully transition to living in their new home, pursuing their goals and aspirations with as much independence and confidence as possible.

The report draws on insights from the Summer Foundation’s first demonstration project in Abbotsford, Victoria and from current work in the second demonstration project in the Hunter region, NSW. Understanding what constitutes good practice in transition planning will be refined through feedback from tenants and their close supports, reflective practice amongst key individuals and organisations supporting tenants and through formal evaluation.

What this document covers:
– Background about the housing and support demonstration projects
– Learnings to date about successful transition planning from the first demonstration project
– Effective transition planning – context and key practice insights and issues
– The core principles of effective transition planning and the outcomes that indicate a successful transition process
– Roles and expectation of key players in the transition process
– Issues associated with supporting ongoing refinement of good practice in transition support
– An outline of the five key stages in the transition process and what each stage involves