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Exciting growth in co-design services

The Summer Foundation is well known for excellence in bringing the voice of lived experience to its work, so it is exciting to see that the team is expanding their remit. This has seen a range of external clients commission this service.

The Co-design team works to improve the housing and living experiences of people who require access to 24/7 support by enabling creative, user led system and service solutions and innovations.

The team brings a unique set of skills that allow them to specialise in unpacking and understanding complex problems and create co-designed solutions with people with complex support needs.

The team, led by Carolyn Finis, works with people with lived experience to shape genuine user led solutions, by overcoming barriers which often prevent the translation and application of that experience.

Co-design Lead Carolyn Finis says: “We know that future innovation in the disability sector will have co-design at its core, so to be leading one of the few teams that offer genuine co-design is a real privilege. Seeding new innovations that have people with disability at the centre of the design is very exciting.”

We’ll be in touch with more information about our co-design service shortly, or visit  our website to find out more, including if you are interested in becoming a lived experience partner.

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