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Xavier Edwards gets verbal offer of suitable housing

Xavier Edwards and his father, Jase, in the Royal Children’s Hospital

Photo: Wayne Taylor

Fourteen-year-old Xavier Edwards became a quadriplegic when he was involved in a bike accident in April 2022. Xavier has spent almost a year in hospital, despite being ready to go home since January. The situation is made worse because Xavier and his family live in Echuca/Moama and Xavier is in hospital in Melbourne.

The Summer Foundation’s Hospital to Home team has been working with Xavier to support him in his goal to get out of hospital and into appropriate housing. 

We were delighted to hear that in response to our ongoing advocacy including an article published in The Age newspaper on 27 March 2023, Xavier has had a verbal offer of modified housing in his hometown, which will eventually be suitable to house Xavier and his family.

In a follow up interview on the ABC 774 Drive program with Xavier’s father, Jase Edwards said “it’s been incredibly frustrating… with the lack of news from anyone. It’s been terrible.” Jase is extremely relieved to be a step closer to bringing his family back together and looks forward to sitting down to a meal with all his children at the same table.

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