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Summer 2021 news update

Welcome to our last edition for 2021. We celebrate the significant amount of critical work that has been done toward ending the need for younger people with disability to live in aged care; in what have been challenging circumstances over this past year. As we open up and resume face-to-face engagement, we look forward to also carrying over the benefits and efficiencies we’ve honed over the past almost 2 years of working with COVID-19 disruptions.

Recent highlights include the rich insight that have come from our on-site shared support co-design wokrshops and our promotion of the successful Million Dollar Vax campaign.

More than 330 people joined us remotely for our 10th Annual Public Forum for a robust conversation about what has been done – and what still needs to be done – to achieve the Young People in Residential Aged Care (YPIRAC) target of no younger person living in aged care by 2025. We are committed to this target, and will be working toward achieving this target over the coming year.

We will continue working with the disability sector to strengthen the Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) market, and with the health sector to streamline more timely, efficient and appropriate hospital discharge processes for the purpose of keeping young people with disability out of aged care in the first place.

On behalf of everyone at the Summer Foundation, I wish you and your close ones a safe and happy Christmas.

Di Winkler,
CEO & Founder

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