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Welcome to our Autumn 2022 Update

Critical to successfully resolving the issue of Young People in Residential Aged Care is streamlining NDIS processes for funding housing and support until they become as responsive as the aged care system. 

In the lead-up to the federal election, the Summer Foundation is working with an alliance of people with disability, advocacy organisations and the housing, health and disability sectors to campaign for timely NDIS funding for housing and support. 

The government has been dragging its feet on this issue so we have launched the Down to 10 days campaign. It aims to get commitments from both major parties to fund the NDIS to process Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) paperwork within 10 days, instead of the current 60 days.

Today, 1,100 young people with disability are waiting in hospitals for housing support approval from the NDIS. And hundreds of SDA properties are sitting vacant, waiting for tenants to get that housing and support approval. Read more about the campaign and how you can get involved here.

The Housing Brokerage Service is now working with 2 state governments to improve discharge processes and housing outcomes. See here.

And our profile with Samar (read here) brings the reason for our work into sharp focus. 

I have things I look forward to now, I have a purpose in life,” she says.

I hope you enjoy reading this edition.

Di Winkler,
CEO & Founder

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