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This is my home…

The Housing Hub team has this year supported 200 young people with disability and complex support needs to move in to their own SDA apartments.

One of these is Gretta, a 29-year-old who has recently moved into a new SDA apartment in the Sydney suburb of Penrith.

Before moving to her apartment, Gretta lived between her mum’s and dad’s houses in the Blue Mountains. “Although I didn’t mind this setup, I wanted to live somewhere that was closer to the centre of town and where I could get
more opportunities for work and study
,” Gretta said. 

I did have to battle with the NDIS a little, but thanks to a major team that included people from the Summer Foundation I was put into the right SDA Category

I’ve been in my apartment for a month now and it’s absolutely perfect. As I am getting settled in I am slowly getting used to the fact that this is now my home and I am now able to do the things that I have always wanted to do.” 

Gretta said the Housing Hub team had provided great support in helping her fill out forms and connecting her with (housing provider) AccessAccom and its project close to where she grew up.

Although Gretta did have some worries about living independently, they have now vanished and she is particularly happy with the concierge support. “I absolutely love the Interaction team that does the on-site care as they are all lovely and fun,” she said.

A great advocate for anyone thinking about SDA, Gretta shares her thoughts and advice on her blog On Our Own Tracks. 

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