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The Summer Foundation welcomes Disability Royal Commission announcement

The Summer Foundation welcomes Parliament’s commitment to a Royal Commission into the Abuse of People with Disabilities

The Summer Foundation is pleased that a motion for a Royal Commission into the violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation of people with disability in institutional and residential settings has been passed with bi-partisan support. Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said he will work with the states and territories to establish the Royal Commission.

Having choice and control over where you live and who you live with is critical to addressing the high levels of violence and abuse that people with disabilities are subjected to.

Very few alternatives exist for people with high support needs and too many are stuck in hospital wards or are forced into residential aged care – an unacceptable option where abuse and neglect is commonly reported. We want to see continued action to promote more independent living options for people with disabilities to live where and with whom they choose, free from violence and with access to high quality housing and support options.

New and contemporary models of housing and support are creating alternatives for people with high support needs, including through the NDIS’ Specialist Disability Accommodation initiative. These point to the future of safe and inclusive housing options for people with disability.

The Royal Commission is an opportunity to learn from victims about the true cost of segregation and institutionalisation. We hope the Royal Commission will help to foster high quality housing alternatives for Australians with disability who are stuck in hospital wards or are forced into residential aged care.

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