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Successful moves for RAC Engagement

Since 2006, the Summer Foundation has been working to get young people out of aged care. Much of our work over the past 15 years has been around changing the systems that lead to young people with disability having to live in aged care. In recent months though, we have kicked off a new program designed to directly support young people living in aged care to explore alternative housing options.

That program has had its first successes in recent weeks, with us supporting 5 young people with disability to transition out of aged care.

Melissa Efstahiou, the Housing Hub RAC Services Lead, shared that the 5 young people supported, aged in their 40s and 60s, have successfully transitioned into more appropriate housing options that they can now call home.  

Their transitions highlight the vital work of this program, which is a partnership between the Summer Foundation and the Housing Hub. The Summer Foundation’s RAC Engagement Coordinator is working with aged care providers to locate young people in aged care and connect them with the Housing Hub’s RAC Services team. The RAC Services team then provides support to the young person living in aged care. This support enables the young person to become better informed of NDIS funding that will support their quality of life in aged care, as well as assist with their transition out of aged care.

RAC Engagement Coordinator, Alicia Baltra-Ulloa, said aged care providers across the country were increasingly keen to work with the program, to support the young people with disability living in their care. Already, more than 130 aged care facilities have committed to working with the program by connecting the Summer Foundation to NDIS participants in their care.

If you are an NDIS participant living in aged care (or a supporter of one) and want more information on the support available, go to HH RAC services coordination page.

If you are an aged care provider that has young people with disability in your care and you want more information on how we can support you visit the Summer Foundation’s RAC page.

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