sda market insights

Understanding the current supply and demand for accessible housing is key to stimulating a robust property market that caters for people with disability who want to live more independently.

While this information will be gathered gradually by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) as the NDIS rolls out nationally, undertaking this work early will enable housing investments to be made before people become NDIS participants, giving people with disability access to high quality housing sooner.

To create greater certainty for developers and investors, the Summer Foundation has teamed up with the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute and SGS Economics & Planning to develop the SDA Market Insights Report.

This report is the result of an in-depth study into the current state of SDA in Australia. The report details the current supply of existing SDA and provides quantitative and qualitative information about the areas of unmet demand across the country.

Our research included:

  • collecting and analysing people with disability’s housing experiences, needs and preferences
  • conducting a national SDA provider survey to understand the state of current stock
  • collecting and analysing data to determine where NDIS participants with (or eligible for) SDA payments are living and where they want housing
  • preparing a report for investors and housing providers to better understand the demand for SDA

As a result of this project, we expect that investors and housing providers will better understand the types of housing and support arrangements participants will want, where those eligible for SDA live and where they want to live.