My Housing Preferences

This tool helps you think about where you want to live, who you would like to live with and the type of housing that you would like to live in. You can use this tool to tell your housing story and work out your housing goals.

My Housing Preferences is in three parts. Part one explains housing and support under the NDIS. Part two asks about your routine, housing history, needs and preferences. Part three is optional and looks at long-term preferences and goals. The tool provides links to digital stories that show people with complex needs living in different types of housing. Watching these may help you to think about what housing options might suit you.

If your NDIS Plan includes capacity building funding to explore your housing options, the information you put in here will help when you talk to your Support Coordinator about your housing goals and preferences.

This is not a housing application form, but the information you put in here will assist you to look for suitable housing. You can cut and paste the information from this tool into housing application forms.