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Profile: Liz Ellis

The Summer Foundation has a tenancy matching service to support SDA providers who are developing new properties across the country, as well as housing seekers who believe they may qualify for the SDA funding.

The team is working with Summer Housing to find suitable tenants for their 10 new apartments in Oakleigh, applications are open now. The apartments are for people with significant physical support needs. For information, you can email newbuild@thehousinghub.org.au or phone the Summer Foundation on 1300 626 560.

Tenants have moved in to a recent development managed by Summer Foundation’s Melbourne Housing Matching Team. Liz Ellis was one of the first tenants to move in.

Liz gave a fantastic address at the opening of the purpose-built apartments. Her words provided a powerful insight into what being able to live in an SDA apartment means for a person with disability.

“I realised the other day, I’m in my 30s and I’ve never had a place of my own to live – ever,” Liz said. “Nothing is yours when you live somewhere that’s run by an organisation because you always feel like you’re intruding. Now, I walk in the door and I think ‘hang on, I’m home and I’m not intruding on anyone else’s space’. It’s awesome.”

“It’s still very surreal,” Liz said. “It’s been an aspiration for so long. But it’s awesome knowing that people like Summer Housing are in your corner working to make it happen.”


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